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FedEx–O'Hare Airport

This is the largest green roof at an airport in the United States and is the largest extensive green roof in the City of Chicago. This 4 acre project was installed in an impressive 17 working days from start to finish in April and May of 2010.

Since 2001, Intrinsic Landscaping has pioneered the construction of green roofs in the Chicago Metropolitan area and beyond. To date, 4,000,000 square feet of green roofs have been installed nationwide, adding to this total year after year.


Our sister company, Intrinsic Perennial Gardens, Inc., has a large growing facility outside of Chicago which grows a diverse selection of green roof plants, including several patented varieties uniquely suited for green roof applications.


Intrinsic Landscaping is an approved installer for virtually all green roof systems in the United States and we are a valued partner with many of the top roofing installers in the country. Our staff has developed much of the training materials used by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities for their Green Roof Professional certification programs, making an immense contribution to the green roof industry.


Aside from green roofs, Intrinsic Landscaping can help you realize your landscape from start to finish and beyond. Our designers will work with you to provide a custom landscape to suit your needs in the short term and for many years to come.


Intrinsic has also been a frontrunner of the living wall trend. We have installed and continue to research a wide variety of systems that are available on the market while we develop our own systems as well. We even installed a research and development living wall in our office! As these technologies and methods advance, we continue to create best practices and successful models. In doing so, we have learned what works and what doesn't— we are willing to think outside the box to develop a successful strategy.


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